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The best disinfectant for prevention of
Mastitis and infections of the skin in animals

Troclosene Based disinfectant together with ConRaDye™ color marker for identification of treated area. The gentle safe  blue dye fades away over the next 2-3 hours.

May be applied as spray or dip.

Best to be used with BlueSpray.

Teat covered with BlueVet solution
The Benefits:
The color marker enables to identify which cow was treated with a disinfection agent and which was not, thus decreasing the chance of contamination.

More Effective than the current products - kills over 99.99% of all micro-organisms in less than 5 minutes.

Safer to use:
- Non-irritating
- Non-poisonous
- Environmentally friendly

Tablets - Economical on transport and storing (not liquid)

Easy to use:
- Effervescent
- Any water may be used

More stable:
- The tablets can be stored for over 2 years
- Degradation of prepared solution is less  
  than 2%/day

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